Through Willows And Streams

It's not the fear of the stream that I can't cross
this photo is about 2 years old, with my crabby teething son.

this photo is about 2 years old, with my crabby teething son.

Anonymous asked: yes i am from sydney town. haha well i look forward to introducing myself, and for you to hopefully remember on sunday morning!

I always remember. Haha. Although I have my friends who act like my body guards around me. You’ll probably be taken back by my personality though, I like to laugh and it’s evident.

Anonymous asked: i want to ask you out on a "coffee" date....will you be at black cherry this coming saturday?

Yes I shall. But probably not a good time to chat cause I’ll most likely be highly intoxicated. I go out once every few months and this is one of those times :) I take it, that you’re in sydney?

Anonymous asked: I want to put another baby in you.

I’m not planning to settle down anytime soon.

Anonymous asked: i want to touch your body like no one else has treat you like no other man will make you feel good like no other man has keep up with your posts and pics

Tell me who you are?

Anonymous asked: Do you have instagram?

Yeah, my name on there is Amanda Whitton

Anonymous asked: i would marry you.

Oh really :)

retrocurvature-deactivated20130 asked: I don't know how you slipped under my radar, haha. I saw you on my list of followers and got curious, and oh my goodness. I always hear people say "Oh this person inspires me blah blah I follow them on tumblr blah" I didn't get why until I saw yours. You are so beautiful and sexy, and just all around perfect. Your son is beautiful, and you are just so amazing. I'm only 17, and I hope I can at least be half as amazing as you when I grow older. Please keep doing what you're doing. <3

This has just made my day :)
Massive smile on my face.
Just make sure you aim big in life, don’t listen to anyone but your own heart :D