Through Willows And Streams

It's not the fear of the stream that I can't cross

Anonymous asked: Sorry this is so inappropriate but I am just really curious about other chesty women because, well, I am myself and I just naturally compare a lot... Anyway I was wondering what size bra you wear? Excuse me if you don't want to broadcast that on the internet lol.

Depending on the bra I’m normally a DD.

Anonymous asked: What makeup do you use for your face only - like foundation and powder(s)/blushes?

I use l’orĂ©al (both foundation and powder) I don’t use much though. Blush, I don’t really use any specific brands, just a pink one I normally just pick

Anonymous asked: so are you into anal sex?

What the heck. Buck stops there

Anonymous asked: who? i'm sorry, but my name is way off that,

Clue? Just the way I read that sounds similar to someone I know

Anonymous asked: never you mind. THE THINGSSSS


Anonymous asked: the things i would do!!! it'll never happen, and if given the chance, it still wouldnt happen, but lordy, the thinnnnngggsss

What things?

I drink once every 3 months. Things like this happen :/

I drink once every 3 months. Things like this happen :/

sentinelseidler asked: whoever that man is going to be, he's one lucky bastard.

I’d be the lucky one :)
He’d have to pretty amazing for me to not think he is a tosser

Anonymous asked: You are to foxy, hope that lovely body isn't going to waste you are to beautiful

Unfortunately I’m single :)
I do plan to stay this way until I find a man that matches my own morals and futuristic goals.